Shannon (esoterrica) wrote in repro_rights,

I know this is old, but I just rediscovered it and I'm still mad.

Piss off, CDC. I do not need preconception care because there will be no conception. Through sheer force of will (also, pill) my body will repel anything pro-parasite. Do you hear me? I am more than a walking set of reproductive organs. My uterus and I are very happy together and no slimy fetus--or slimy government official--will come between us. So the US has an alarmingly high infant mortality rate for a thoroughly developed country. Perhaps that has to do with women feeling compelled to squeeze out goddamn babies they did not plan for or want, and perhaps instead of suggesting that doctors should treat women as baby factories in the pre-production phase we should encourage women to carry only pregnancies they want to fucking term.

And now, if you will excuse us, my uterus and I are going to check on our bread.
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